Weekend Reads: Father’s Day Reads, Stargazing Tips

Weekend Reads: Father’s Day Reads, Stargazing Tips

Hey!  Happy almost Father’s Day!  If you are a father, have a father, or love a father, I hope you find some way of having fun this weekend!

Also, in case you forgot to get a gift, here’s a handy list of Netflix movies that you could watch together (indexed by personality type)!

While we’re on the movie/Dad thing, here’s a list of the best movie Dads.


If you’re looking for….some stars:

Summer stargazing tips.

If you’re looking for….some wonder:

“If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow.”  – Rachel Carson

If you’re looking for….some new toys:

Toys for toddlers that won’t hurt baby siblings.  Interesting list on what to do when you have kids at different ages.

If you’re looking for….some sad reality:

The prosecution of Vickie Sorenson.  Trigger warning for home birth turning deadly. (from Alex K)

If you’re looking for….another reason to hate airports:

One family’s experience of traveling with an infant and breast pump.


Featured Image Credit: Sharon Mollerus 

Bethany has a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, which you think would make this whole parenting thing a piece of cake. Sadly, that appears to be untrue. She is currently back in school getting another degree in applied statistics, so at least she can calculate the chances she's totally screwing this up.

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