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Grounded Midwives

“I want a home birth,” Renee said.  “I’ve hired some midwives.” In my life, I have felt my anal sphincter clamp shut faster and harder after only three other phrases: “I don’t really like the original Star Wars movies as much as the prequels”; “I had a precognitive vision that …

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Look At That Tree!

Tonight Tom wouldn’t stop looking at our Christmas tree. Will came home from doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. (For some strange reason having a two-week old infant in the house has set us all back on our holiday chores.) He stomped upstairs with a grumble about needing some sleep. It …

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I Am Not a Parent

I am not a parent. In a way it would be appropriate to say that I am not a parent YET. As of this writing (at least its first draft), I’m sitting in a hospital lobby, next to our dozing doula, clacking away on my laptop. Willpower, worry, five hour …