Hillary Clinton Says Nice Things About GMO’s, Gregory Baskin Shits The Bed

It must be hard to be an aspiring writer. I, thankfully, am neither a writer nor aspiring to be, but our subject today is. On Saturday in the Guardian Liberty Voice, Gregory Baskin showed us what happens when you trade quality for quantity in the quest to become established. You can read it …

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The 10 Best Children’s Movies You’ve Never Seen

The genre of children’s movies is one of extremes. On one hand you have the Disney headliner films, big budget productions, sanitized but well written, fantastically animated, with jokes for the guardians sprinkled throughout. On the other, you have the knock-offs, the sequels, and the thinly veiled religious moralizing that …

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How (I Try) to Make Little Scientists

It’s an oft-asked question. “How do I get my child interested in science?” I think at this point every parent understands STEM skills are likely to determine their success in a modern world.   Neil Degrasse Tyson had one of the most elegant answers, when he said, “Get out of their …