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Guest Post: Homebirth Safety and Risk

In today’s guest blog, Skepchick’s resident stats junkie/guru, Jamie Bernstein, breaks down Dr. Amy Tuteur’s analysis of a recent homebirth study. Trigger Warning for talk regarding neonatal mortality. The relative risks of homebirths versus hospital births is an extremely contentious subject. Previous research, mostly done in European countries has shown …


A Public Apology

Yesterday, here at Grounded Parents, an incident occurred which deserves an explanation and apology. One of our writers wrote a post which several commenters disagreed with. The writer took the criticism badly, personally, and lashed out against our commenting community, including valued long time active members of the community. Against …

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All I want for Christmas is an abortion

I really fucking love abortion. A lot. It’s one of the greatest equalizers between the sexes. Abortion and birth control. The ability to control my fertility and my family is a privilege. No, I take that back. The ability to control my fertility and my family is a basic human …

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What pregnant women won’t tell you. Ever.

In celebration of the anniversary of Roe v Wade, the team at Grounded Parents have decided to dedicate an entire day to talking about what reproductive freedom means to us. And, as a reminder of what it takes to carry a pregnancy to full term, I’m cross-posting an old article …