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Techno-Techno-Tween-Tween – A Smartphone for an 11 Year Old

Part 1: Acquiring New Technology As I write this, days, maybe even weeks before I actually post, I’m thinking about my lunch plans for today. No biggie…just going to buy a smart phone for my 11-year-old. Even writing that makes me want to do the “ack make it stop” flappy hands. …


LEGO, You Ain’t no Friends of Mine

So, we got the new LEGO catalog the other day. This is always a big day in our household, especially for me, as it’s when I can start planning my holiday shopping for the kids and usually identify what I want under the x-mas tree as well. (Pro tip – …

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[TTT] Dora and Friends: Into the Shiny New Abyss

Welcome back to a brand new edition of Third Thursday Television. My plan was to bring you something a little different this week and look at some of the wacky science reality shows my almost 6th grader enjoys – and I promise, that post is coming, since it’s already sort …

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And our hearts break with you.

I remember keenly the first time I really, deeply, felt the full force of the privilege that US culture grants me due to the color of my skin. It was 2008. For a few years previously I had been reinvesting with feminism and intersectionality and was active with fellow #socialjusticewarriors on …

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It’s My Party!

Long ago, pre-children, I used to have fantasies of being one of those people who gives good party. These were largely wild fantasies in the truest sense of “this is kind of titillating, but I’m not sure I ever actually want to experience this” variety, because parties mean people and …

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TTT: The Best Laid Plans, or 5 Preschool TV Shows I Actually Kind of Miss

My original plan for this month was to write about the annoying insipidness that is Paw Patrol. Then, my daughter thankfully stopped watching it, deciding instead that she was in love with a silly and also annoying Disney short film one-off, Lucky Duck, which is duly vapid, but not nearly …

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9 Things I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child

1. Internet lists are a whole bunch of bs. Yes, even this one (well, really it’s more snark, but wev). We’ve all seen those [Random Number] Things I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Girl/Boy/Girl lists, right? Guess what. Bullshit. I can honestly say that I’ve experienced all 19 of …

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The Dating Game: Another look at all of these rules.

Lou has been doing such an awesome job taking down those silly “rules for dating my [insert gendered child-type here]” in the Internet Meme Demolition Derby- go read them if you haven’t yet, because you may want context. And one of the things that’s come up in comments is well …

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TTT: Scooby Doo or Scooby Don’t?

 Welcome to the first “real” edition of Third Thursday Television. To start us off, I want to look at one of those multivariate cephalopod-like properties that has everything necessary for a media/marketing juggernaut – nostalgia value for Gen-X parents, new series and movies for the kids, umpteen million products on …

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TTT [Third Thursday Television] – We’re off to a great start.

Welcome to what I’m hoping will be a regular feature, which is getting a great foot on the ground here by being a week late. But last week, I had a life to run, a 4th birthday party to plan, some cake to murder…whereas this week, there’s just life. So, …