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F**ked up Family Values

You may have heard that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been singing the blues this past week. The state of Utah had its ban on same sex marriage struck down by a federal judge, and this ruling also allows same sex marriages to take place. Conservatives and their religious choir regularly sing the praises of traditional …

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About this book thing, it’s my mother’s fault.

Long long ago when color TV was something our neighbors had…, hold on, or was it way back when I use to play marbles at recess and pretended I was Kirk or Spock from that new TV show all the kids were watching? Anyway, there was this event that occurred every …

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We All Have Parenting History

 All parents anywhere and anytime have one thing in common, we were all children, and that experience and context is our inevitable starting point when we begin forming our notions about how we want to raise children. And I’m convinced that the same tools that skeptics use to make rational …