A parent panics as their child innocently asks if black people are made of chocolate.
Race, Ethnicity & Culture

Tidbit Tuesdays: Racist Edition (with a side-serving of bigotry)

I was sitting on the couch with my three year old son, cuddling him while watching TV. I was scrolling through the messages on my phone when my son suddenly perked up, looking at something across the room. “I want chocolate,” he says. Focusing on something that’s making him think …

An image of a historical chain osteotome.
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Tidbit Tuesdays: The Shared History of Childbirth and Chainsaws

(Content warning: Yes, it’s what it sounds like.) At first I didn’t even realize that this (offensive and poorly written) post that appeared on my G+ stream was a repost from the Science on G+ community to the Woodworking community, as I didn’t draw the immediate connection. It is a …

Philosoraptor says, "If acids and bases neutralize each other how does homemade cleaner with a mixture of soap and vinegar work?"

Tidbit Tuesdays: Effectiveness of Homemade Cleaners

Most of us (I hope), have a general understanding that you can’t trust everything you see on the Internet, however, it is so easy to just believe what is seen because it seems logical, or because the results seem to speak for themselves. I’ve found home made cleaners are an …

Macro: I don't always make my cutie face, but when I do make it I do it for you. (picture of child making a strange face)

Tidbit Tuesdays: Brief Hiatus

I’m sorry there isn’t much this week, and perhaps the next week or two for Tidbit Tuesdays, I’m starting a new job and putting my kid in daycare for the first time… that sort of thing. Oh… oh… that suspense and fear of strangers watching the child! Will he be …

Infant in mother's lap, chewing on spoon.

Tidbit Tuesdays: What to Feed the Baby?

Today I thought it would be fun to look at some of various mixtures and techniques people had for feeding babies off the breast back in the day. (Examples provided are brief excerpts, click on the links or embedded text for more information. Note: please do NOT feed your infant …

doodle of a monster-child hunched over a cake, saying "caaaake, caaake"

Tidbit Tuesdays: Sugar + Kids

I would guess most of us have seen the article when it was published a few years back (at least I hope it was only a few years… anyone else notice as they get older that they just can’t keep time straight anymore?) Anyway, the articles were all over the …


Tidbit Tuesdays: On the Exposure and Abandonment of Children in the Past

We’ve all grown up with the assumption that at various times throughout history and back into ancient times that parents regularly left children out in the wild, exposed, and soon to be eaten by wolves or die from lack of care and local weather conditions. In the book “The Kindness …

A worried looking wolf dressed as Santa in front of a Christmas tree.
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A Wolf In Santa’s Clothing

Some people seem to be able to just create family traditions with a snap of the fingers. Unique weddings with special vows and that kind of thing. For me, traditions are arbitrary accidents of your birth… so it seems I shouldn’t value one over the other. But I do. Whenever …

A parent, on its knees, begging God to take it's life at 4am. "It is true there are no atheists in foxholes, but there are probably no atheists dealing with crying babies all night long."

The Day I Left the Baby Forums, With a Side of Sleep Methods Rambling

I remember the exact moment I swore off ever being a regular subscriber and reader of any parenting forums. My son, like many kids, has had his share of troubles sleeping through the night. Not the worst I’ve heard of, not the best. Average. I’d gotten through the worst of …