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Crunchy People Aren’t Always Crunchy

“Hi, I’m Johnna and I breastfed my child for 26 months. Now, where’s my medal?” I’ve never said this.   I usually only tell people when asked about it.   I don’t really think about it all that much until people have a discussion about breastfeeding or formula feeding.   For some reason …

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Bronies Are People Too

I just read the heartbreaking story of Michael.  To make a long story short, this kid attempted to commit suicide after being bullied at school.  He’s eleven years old and likes “My Little Pony”.  Apparently, that is something to be ridiculed and bullied for.  I don’t really understand the concept …

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Being An Incubator

Steph just had an awesome post on women’s rights when it comes to their right to life versus a “baby’s” right to life. It made me want to share my story of being an incubator. So no, we won’t delve into anything as thought provoking in this post, but I …

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Learning to Give

This past year was an exciting year for us because my three, almost four year old daughter finally gets excited about the Holidays. The decorations, the food, the time with family, and the gifts.  Oh the gifts.   As we were watching a very Christmas episode of Handy Manny, my daughter …