Truly Scary Costumes for Modern Kids

If you’re still scrambling for costume ideas, fret no more! This Halloween, your kid can be the spoOoOoOOOkiest kid on the block, with these unique, DIY costumes! I’ve done some digging, using mostly “natural” parenting blogs as inspiration, to come up with these truly scary costumes for children (or adults, …

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Round Table: Oh Shit! Swearing and Kids

This month’s topic is: How do you handle swearing in your family? We all do it, whether we want our kids to do it or not. And every parent has a different idea of what swearing means in their family. Share your own story in the comments! *** Steph I …

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Round Table: Parenting Expectations

Today’s Round Table discussion is: What is one thing about parenting that is completely different than you thought it would be? Maybe you thought you knew what being a parent would be like. Maybe you didn’t have any clue and didn’t have much time to think about it. Whatever the case, …

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Round Table: Explaining Privilege to Kids

This week, we were passing this article around the backchannel on how this one parent tried to explain the concept of White Privilege to his ten-year-old son (in light of what is happening in Ferguson). And it made us think–what sorts of conversations about the concept of privilege would we …

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My Failed Attempts at Documenting My Daughter’s Childhood

One of my favorite things to do when I was a child was go into my parents’ bedroom, find my baby book, and read through what an awesome baby I was. I knew when I took my first steps, I knew my first words, I saw my first bite of …

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Round Table: What’s Your Woo?

As skeptics, we always try to approach subjects with logic and reason. But superstitions and habits can be hard to get rid of. From old tales our parents may have told us to fears about the paranormal, our parents confess their stories about irrational beliefs. Share your irrational fears or illogical beliefs …

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Guest Post: Parenting From Afar

Editor’s Note: The author of this piece, Christopher “Topher” Hunter, describes what it’s like to be a long-distance parent and strategies he uses to keep a good relationship with his son. My 10-year old son is named Daniel. I love him as much as any parent possibly could. He looks …


Learning to Let My Toddler Have Opinions

I am the youngest sibling in my family, and even though I have a lot of babysitting experience, I’ve never had the experience of constantly being around a young child while they’re growing from a baby into a toddler. Until now, that is. My daughter just turned 15-months old, and …

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Guest Post: Family Tectonics and Daughtering

Editor’s Note: Cassandra Phoenix is back and this time she is talking about family dynamics and re-learning how to be a daughter. My relationship with my parents is complicated. It’s complex. Or nigh-nonexistent, depending on which side of my family I’m talking about. I was born when my mother and …

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Round Table: Where Do You Look for Parenting Advice?

Welcome back to another edition of the Round Table! Recently, we received an inquiry about where we go for parenting advice. Specifically, there was a comment in the first RT post from thegiantpeach: I have a question – Where do you go for solid parenting advice? Websites, articles or books …