Against Marriage

Fifteen now, my kid has reached the stage some girls find themselves in: every baby she sees, smells, or hears about floods her with desire.  “I need a baby!” she wails to me, (mostly) joking. “No babies,” I say firmly.  “You can have a baby after you get your Ph.D.” …

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Wearing All The Colors

  As those of us who are Otherwise Persuaded know, Hannukah came early this year. Among other things, this allowed my kid to spend the Christmas holidays in New Orleans visiting her Christian cousins.  The little girl cousins are much younger than she is – five and three years old.  …

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Why My Kid Had Purple Hair

Recently one of my friends polled all the other parents she knew: how terrible a parent would she be, she wondered, if she let her six year old get the mullet she was longing for? I won’t keep you in suspense: It was about a 70/30 split, with most parents …


Against Punishment

(Photo by Mark Burgh) Well before she was born, I made the decision never to hit my kid. Worse, when she was two or three, I gave up on all forms of punishment. “If you don’t spank her,” other, well-meaning parents would tell me, “how will she learn?” I’m a …