Child holding sign "Stop poisoning me"
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Stop Indoctrinating Children into the Anti-GMO Cult

I find it adorable to see babies and kids with parents at political rallies. Shortly after my 18th birthday, I went to see Al Gore speak and was thrilled by the children towering over the crowd wearing various Democratic Party t-shirts, riding on parents’ shoulders. I have loved Michael Jackson …

Minnesota license plate reads "GMO OK"

Minnesota School Districts Contribute to the Dumbing Down of America by Going GMO-free

Just yesterday, I saw alarming information on GMO Free USA’s Facebook page. Emblazoned in all caps on an image of happy kids I read, “MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE WORKING TO REMOVE GMOs IN AN EFFORT TO ‘SUPPORT KIDS’ LONG TERM HEALTH.’” There is so much wrong with this message that …

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Food Babe – Stop Giving Cancer Advice. It Makes You Seem Reckless.

  Disclaimer: I’m no expert on cancer. Still, when I put my name to assertions, they’re based in solid science. I have a high-level understanding of how cancers work, which is leagues more than Food Babe can claim. Furthermore, arguing for consensus requires far less expertise than spouting idiocy does. …

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Why Does Kavin Have a GMO/Vaccine/Big-Science Fan Page?

While I contribute to a few sites, Grounded Parents will always be my home base. This is because I was here at the launch, and Grounded Parents (and even a Skepchick or two) are my family. We’re not a hive mind, but we’re all parents, we’re all skeptical, and we …

Scott Walker at podium

Damn it, Planned Parenthood. Don’t Use Sexism to Convince Me to Oust Scott Walker

Update from author at 2 pm Oct 23rd, 2014: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin reached out to me early this afternoon. I had an informative and cordial conversation with the VP of Development and Communication. She and their team appreciate my input and are planning to post a revised version of …

Pointing fingers at accused puritan witch
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The Always Hypocritical Food Babe Claims Defamation

Just a quick rant today: I love my family. My daughter is learning what my husband realized well before we started dating – I can spot disingenuousness, scheming, and hypocrisy a mile away. My daughter’s vocabulary at 3 ½ surpasses that of my former 10-year-old self, yet I can see …

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Ben & Jerry’s and Measure 92: If You Can’t Define “Organism,” You Can’t Logically Oppose GMOs

It may not seem like it, but I don’t go searching for anti-GMO sentiment on the internet to fuel my wrath. I like the rare occasions when I’m not forced to write. I enjoy reading and playing with my kids, or kicking back and conversing with my husband over a …

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Food Babe & Moms Across America: Stop Drinking Starbucks, Nobody Else Cares

To begin her futile vendetta, Food Babe (Vani Hari) went after Starbucks for its Pumpkin Spice Latte. According to her in-depth investigation, these lattes not only contain “no real pumpkin,” and a “toxic dose of sugar,” but also use dairy from “Monsanto milk cows fed GMO” fodder. This is so …

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Win for Internet Crusaders Against Anti-Vax: State Farm Drops Rob Schneider

I’d just like to say, I called it first! I knew early on that Chow Babe, Food Hunk, Science Babe, and other anti-pseudoscience Facebook communities were not only providing entertainment, they were crusaders of the internet, wielding powerful weapons in the form of evidence and persistence against dangerous pseudoscience. The …

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Anti-GMO & Anti-Vax Sentiments Cross Left-wing and Right-wing Lines

    I’m not often wrong, but I admit when I make a mistake. I was always aware of pseudoscience littering the internet and permeating our communities. I must admit that I fell for a stereotype of clear-cut pseudoscience camps. Until recently, I thought science-deniers were neatly packaged into two …