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Congrats on your Light-Skinned Kids?

As a first-generation Indian-American daughter of immigrants, I’ve grown up surrounded by a fixation with skin color.  Most Indian women would never dream of the privilege (tic) of marrying a man lighter than herself.  So when I first married my predominantly European-American husband, one of my relatives lovingly said (translated …

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Polygamy: What Makes Him a Criminal?

I’m turning on my idea of a gossipy voice for this one. Me: “So, okay.  Have you heard of this guy I know?  He can be such a jerk.  Did you know that one of his earliest memories of his wife is utter disgust at how she ate chili cheese …

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Maternit21 vs. Quad Screen

If you’ve been pregnant, you’ve likely heard of the Quad or Triple Screen tests.  Based on your beliefs and personal choice, you may have taken this maternal blood draw test.  Allow me to tell you why the Quad Screen spells potential mental D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for people with mild anxiety, or people …