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They Want Invocations? Let’s Give Them Invocations!

Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the case of Greece v Galloway that it was constitutional for a town council to begin its meetings with prayer, even if the prayer was almost always from one religion. This really wasn’t a surprise given who is on …

Father and Son Bike
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Knowing vs Teaching

I know how to ride a bike. I don’t mean to brag, but really, I know how to ride a bike. Although I’ve known how to ride a bike for years, I barely remember how my parents taught me how to ride. The only bit I remember is jumping on …

Leonardo da Vinci (attrib) - The Holy Infants
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Revealing the Big Secret

The boys hadn’t really been asking about sex, but sometimes it would come up indirectly. For example, “sexy” is a banned word at D’s school, and during his kindergarten year, he asked me what it meant. “Ummm… It means you’re so good looking that someone wants to kiss you.” My …

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You Are Very Compatible in Almost All Areas…

The Pastor came back with the results of our test. We were in his office for pre-marital counseling, and he had just given us some sort of couple’s compatibility test to see how we matched up. When he came back with the results, that’s what he said: “You are very …

Paying Bills
How To

Not Leaving Her in the Lurch

A few years ago, someone I know got arrested and ended up out of communication for several weeks. There were lots of ways that this situation was tragic for him and his family, but there was one specific way that the situation scared me and changed the way I provide …

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Luck, Life, and Gratitude

My older son, D, is seven now. He is healthy and happy. You would never know just by looking at him how close we came to losing him before we got a chance to know him. You see, D’s heart didn’t form correctly. When he was born, his aorta was …

Missouri Capitol

Show Me Some Good Bills

Recently, I published two articles about bills in the Missouri House of Representatives that attack the teaching of evolution in public schools. Fortunately, neither bill has proceeded very far yet (both HB1472 and HB1587 have only been referred to committee), so maybe these bad bills will die natural deaths. But …


Fighting the Nature Deficit

Over the Winter Break, we visited my parents in a valley in Western Montana. From their living room, I had a view of farmland turning into forest turning into a mountain range with snow-capped peaks. We saw bald eagles from the kitchen, and there were signs that deer had just …

Missouri Capitol

The Evolution of Anti-Evolution Legislation: Missouri

Over the last few years, Missouri’s legislature has drawn lots of national attention, and usually not for good reasons. Both houses of our legislature are controlled by a supermajority of Republicans, so though our Democratic Governor can keep some semblance of balance, any of his vetoes can be overridden by …

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Ethical and Inclusive Scouting

It was all over the news last year—the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) changed their policies regarding homosexuality, and now they’re perfectly acceptable for any secular family, right? Well, not really. The policy change means they will no longer expel non-straight boys from scouting immediately, which is progress. But BSA still requires …