Scarecrows and other political plays.

I am afraid to fly. It’s not a rational fear, and although I am fully aware of both statistics and probability calculations, I can’t seem to shake it. I take twelve to sixteen flights a year and I never get any calmer, nor do I feel any safer. If someone …

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My Body—A Political Pawn

Damn right, it’s personal! For me this started out with a bad feeling after reading the Conservative Party’s (Høyre) agenda, their campaign propaganda to get voters. I soon found a piece about abortion that took me by surprise. They wanted to propose a change in the current law, which in …


Pet Politics

I have often wondered how I would have handled it if my child had been allergic to animals. Having grown up on a farm, I find a life without animals to seem rather absurd and almost unnatural. Today we have two cats and two rats, and we also nanny some dogs …