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Stepping Up

One of my teenagers, N., has been dealing with mental health issues that have cropped up in the past year or so. As a parent, you’d think that when our kids have problems it would be obvious that we would do everything we can to help them deal with them. …

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Always Daddy

I was in the store yesterday. Understand, my youngest child will be 16 years old next month, so you might think it strange that when I heard a young girls voice call out, “Daddy!”, that I immediately spun around to find the source of that voice. It’s been a while …


A Strange Idea of Good

There is a wonderful article by Olivia at Teen Skepchick that explores the difference between some kinds of religious charity and real charity.  She makes several good points, a few of which I’d like to expand on. We all try to teach our children right from wrong.  Most of us …


What is Sacred?

It’s Christmas time! You all know what that means? Yup! It’s the “War on Christmas”! You know, “Put the Christ back in Christmas”, and all that jazz. There has been a great hullabaloo all over the news (well on Faux News) and the interwebs about this so-called war. It seems …

Parenting Styles

Being A Single Parent

I became a single parent when my son was 11 and my daughter was 7. My kids still saw their mom a lot, but they lived with me and I was tasked with figuring out how the hell I was going to raise them, help them through the divorce, while …


Bad Parenting? Bad Medicine.

Trigger warning for child abuse and death As parents, the worse thing that we can possibly imagine is something bad happening to our child. Of course, the biggest fear of parents that hits the news is when a child is abducted. It is heart-wrenching to think about. But, the risk …


How My Daughter Made Me A Feminist

My daughter will be 16 in just a few months. She is very active in high school; she marches in the Color Guard for the school band, acts in plays and puppet shows, and performs in the Junior Varsity show choir group. She belongs to the school’s LGBT discussion group …