Ages 10-12 (Tween)EducationStep Families

Teaching Moments

My middle-school aged stepson came home with a new project recently. He had to give a presentation on a historical figure who had left an impact on the world. The list of notable individuals to choose from was long and varied, including kings and queens, world leaders, sports heroes, scientists, …

Ages 2-5Traditions & Celebrations

R.I.P Santa

My husband is second-generation Dutch-American, so he grew up celebrating Sinterklaas Day (St. Nicholas Day) along with Christmas every year. He takes his traditions very seriously, so we continue to celebrate the holiday, albeit with an American flair. I doubt our celebration very closely reflects the way it’s done in …

Ages 6-9Parenting StylesStep Families

Between Authenticity and Acceptance

My stepson is a nerd. Through and through. He likes Yu-Gi-Oh and Doctor Who. He hates sports. He watches Youtube reviews of board games, and has watched his favorite episodes of TableTop and Co-Optitude so many times it’s driving his father and me crazy. In fact, he’s watching one right …