I am Pro-Choice, BUT…

**Trigger for pregnancy loss. I am 100% Pro-choice. No exceptions. I believe a woman should have absolute bodily autonomy and be able to control when and if to become or stay pregnant. Women should be able to make decisions about what happens to their bodies and make choices about the health …

Pregnancy & Childbirth

When and whether to become a mother

I am 100% pro-choice. I believe that a woman should have the absolute right to determine when and whether to become a mother. I also believe that reproductive issues are not just women’s issues, they are human issues. Every child deserves to be wanted, loved and cared for. When children are born to families who want them, who …

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There are starving children in Africa

If you Google the search terms “preschooler” and “picky eater”, the results will include thousands of websites with advice ranging from – “offer choices and let them pick” to “offer new foods often and make them eat at least one bite of something new” to the all so familiar to me “make them sit at the …

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Mommy, I Don’t Want to Look Fat

That moment when your four year old daughter says something that: You are completely unprepared to respond to; Packs an emotional punch to your stomach because of years of baggage; You want to prepare a carefully crafted response, because you know that what you say matters to her like nothing …

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They Put a Baby in a Manager?!

Being an Atheist can be difficult anywhere. But being an Atheist in a predominantly Christian area can be isolating and discouraging. My husband and I, from all outward appearances, seem to be typical middle class Midwesterners (read – well off, white Christians) with two beautiful, mostly well-behaved children. Two and a half …

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In Defense of Santa Claus and Unicorn Poop

I should start off by disclosing that I have neither a horrible nor a colorful de-conversion story. I don’t feel like I have had to overcome decades of lies about the world. I am not saying that religion isn’t harmful, just that it didn’t really have a harmful impact on …


The Care and Feeding of Small Humans

It seems simple. Have a baby/babies. Feed them. Repeat. Watch them grow, achieve, succeed and be happy. The End. NOT! It seems like how and what you feed your child, from the newborn stage until they leave for college, has become one of the most contentious and heated topics in the …