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Again, a Mother. But Not a Woman.

(Trigger Warning: mention of self-injury and disordered eating) The femininity of pregnancy is almost undeniable. The acquisition of soft curves, the roundness of growth replacing hardness and angles. Breasts grow fuller, hair and nails thicker and longer. We, the child-bearers are expected to embrace this femininity in preparation for motherhood. …


A Magnolia State of Mind

We have a scattering of bumper stickers on the back of our silver car: two LGBT-related, some political, and one proclaiming solidarity for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. In many places, these stickers would not raise an eyebrow. But we do not live in most places. We live in …


My Name is Not Honey

“Hey, honey! Come here!” he calls across the book-filled building. I look up from my work, an angry warmth flooding my face, as a realize he is speaking to me. He is tall, at least a foot taller than my 5’2 frame. A red plaid shirt stretches tightly over his …

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Loss and Gain

As I gazed down at the two lines, one bright, one still pale enough to cause doubt, I knew my days of self-inflicted starvation were over. I had spent the previous two years running, starving, crying, carving the fat and calories from my flesh until all I had left was …

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This is Our Happiness

As the August sun settled for a moment above the rooftops visible from our corner hospital room, I glanced down and the fresh pinkness of my newborn daughter, who was cradled against my chest. She was only a day old, but her shock of blond hair and cat-like cry had …