19 Was Enough: A Josh Duggar Link Round-up

CN: Child Molestation, Rape, and General Hypocrisy. Here’s a nice recipe for Shrimp Fajita’s in Foil to spice up your cook out instead. Josh Duggar, the oldest of the 19 children in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s radical experiment to personally make the world as white as possible, has had a …


What Kids Can’t Learn from the GMO Labeling Debate

When it comes to GMOs, I’ve always been content to let you science nerds duke it out. It’s not that I don’t support genetically engineered food. I do, but I’m still a few credits shy of completing that degree in Genetics from Google U and I have a hard time spelling …


The Gay Agenda* #2: Let’s talk about bathrooms

I’m back with the next installment of The Gay Agenda. What outrageous desire am I sharing with you this time? Well, it turns out that non-gender-conforming people would like to be able to use the bathroom in peace without being accosted, abused, or attacked. Recently Offspring, who identifies as genderqueer, …


Red Lipstick and Rape Culture

Trigger Warning: Content related to sexual violence, rape culture and misogyny Why are you wearing red lipstick, Steph? Let me tell you about it.   During the month of April, I participate in the Red My Lips campaign, a worldwide awareness campaign, which seeks to draw attention to sexual violence, …


Losing My Religion: A Review of The Gluten Lie

Two topics always seem to inspire a robust conversation on my Facebook feed — diet and religion. I’m conflicted on both topics — I’m an atheist Jew who has, at various times, eaten clean, low fat, carb free and out of a garbage can (that last episode brought to you by …


California Wants to Make it Harder to Not Vaccinate. Here’s Why You Should Help.

California is currently debating a law to remove the personal/religious belief exemption from their vaccination requirements to attend public school with State Bill 277. As you’d imagine this has caused a dramatic reaction from anti-vaccination groups. Intended and proposed as a way to protect the children in schools without being …


The Gay Agenda* #1: Advice for friends – knowing what you are saying

My child identifies as gay and genderqueer. I happen to think that xe* is a pretty awesome person who ought to be treated as a full human being, and that choices in apparel, hairstyle, and personal partners are irrelevant to that reality. Apparently this qualifies me as support staff for …

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I’m a Science Shorty Award Finalist. Thank you!

I wanted to write a quick thank you note to everyone who nominated me for a Shorty Award in Science. The Hollywood Reporter announced finalists this morning, and I was flattered to see my name among such distinguished company as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye! Despite accusations that I’m …


Foiling Fallacies – The Woman Who Cried Rape

Welcome back to Foiling Fallacies (FFS) – the series where I explore the examples that are brought up to derail debates when all hope of making one’s case is gone. These anecdotes represent such rare possibilities or exceptions to the rule that bringing them up is a logical fallacy and causes people like me to …


Foiling Fallacies – Women Who Use Abortion As Birth Control

This is my first post in a new series called Foiling Fallacies (FFS for short – which is generally what I mutter when someone uses a fallacy in an internet debate). In the series I will explore the examples that are often brought up to derail internet debates when all hope of …