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Guess what? Conservative CA Group Blows Chunks!

The School Success and Opportunity Act is a real nice law in the Great State of California that pretty much says that you don’t need a dick to play boys basketball. To be more specific, the law requires that California public schools respect students’ gender identity.This will enable students to participate …

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It’s hard to figure out what to expose your child to. My kid is a boy, and he’s almost 4. He has a ton of typical likes, such as dinosaurs and sports and mud and pissing me off. He also has other interests, such as reading and giving me more …

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Marriage Equality in Utah!

I’m not gonna lie. The recent ruling supporting marriage equality in Utah might very well be challenged. (In fact, I hear the challenge is in the works already.) But for now, I (along with a bunch of Utah friends) am excited beyond belief. Amazingly so. The Utah part of my …