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Should I Take My Kids To See Wonder Woman?

Rarely do I make a point of going to see a movie on the first weekend it is out, but I made an exception for Wonder Woman. There were a lot of reasons for this. It was my birthday weekend, so I had childcare that enabled me to go with …


5 Reasons Non-Browning Apples Could Change Your Mind About GMOs

39% of Americans still believe GMOs are worse for your health, but there’s reason to believe that opinion could shift with new information. Limited scientific knowledge, distrust for scientists and the ubiquitousness of false information all play a part here, but the polling suggests it’s not just a question of needing more science-based information but also a …

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This Unbelievably Simple Parenting Hack May Change Your Life

Last year I married an incredible partner. You can read more about him and our family here. We’ve spent the last year and a half blending our families together (which has been at times more like tossing a zany fruit salad into a house together and hoping that it tastes good). …

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{Grounded Grub} Sour Cherry Hand Pies

Welcome to a completely new, totally irregular not-really-at-all-a-series about cooking with and for our kids. Over Memorial Day weekend, we had an abundance of tiny sour-ish cherries on our backyard tree. It’s our first spring in this house, so I have no previous experience using them and while grabbing small …

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grounded Dads

This post was inspired by a thread on the Woo Free Peaceful Parents Facebook group and includes suggestions from there and from our Grounded Parents team. Enjoy! Science! Periodic Table Building Blocks Get your learning on with these solid wood building blocks printed with the elements of the periodic table. …

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Do Science With Your Kids: Biology Fortified’s GMO Corn Experiment

A popular internet meme, the image below is one of several suggesting that wild animals like squirrels avoid genetically engineered corn. The Organic and Non-GMO Report, whose editor Ken Roseboro is an avid anti-GMO speaker and reporter, published a story about this particular image entitled, “Farmer’s experiment finds that squirrels …

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So You Wanna Make a Round Challah…(with video!)

My four year old daughter has recently become obsessed with a mom vlogger on Youtube. I want you to get a sense of her oeuvre, so I’ve included a typical video below. She and her daughter Madison spend most of their time shopping, talking about shopping, eating some waffles and discussing important errands like fixing that pesky …

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Virtual Field Tripping: Shelf Life from the AMNH

I adore the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. From my first trip there as an awkward tween, I’ve been hooked. Before we were married, Spouse and I fell in love among AMNH’s dinosaurs. It was only natural that when Offspring came along we would make one …

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Field Tripping: Powell’s City of Books, Portland, Oregon

Can a bookstore really be a field trip / tourist destination? If you are a bibliophile, and the bookstore is Powell’s, the answer is a resounding “yes!” In case you think I’m exaggerating (I’m not) or a bit obsessive when it comes to books (I am), Lonely Planet, Time, and …

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Field Tripping: EMP Museum, Seattle

The EMP Museum is squee heaven for geeks and nerds of all varieties. It’s hard for me to imagine inhabiting any corner of geekdom and not being happy here. Sci-fi, gaming, fantasy, rock music, grunge, Star Trek, Star Wars, costume design, 1970s TV, the list is endless. EMP originally stood …