Skepchick Network Assemble!!! Chi-Fi 2015

This past weekend in Chicago, Chi-Fi 2015 was held at the historic Palmer House Hilton and the Skepchick Network was privileged to sponsor an entire weekend of skeptical and science based panels that ranged from “Why Skeptics Need Philosophy” to “Star Trek:The Skeptical Paradox” and “Not Just Here For the Cookies: …

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Field Tripping: Whose Experience is it Anyway?

On Monday, E. and I went to a museum. The friends we were supposed to meet were running late, so we decided to go in and visit one of the exhibits while we were waiting. “What do you want to go and see?” I asked E. “The dinosaurs,” he answered. …

entry of Good Times Park, Eagan MN
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Field Tripping: Good Times Park, Eagan MN

We took I-94 through Minnesota in the summer, and reached the St. Paul area on a hot, sunny day in desperate need of a place to eat lunch and to give my two year olds a chance to move. Fortunately, we stumbled on Good Times Park, an unsupervised indoor playground in Eagan, MN (just …

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A Very Pinterest-ing New Year’s Eve With Kids

For some reason, I’ve recently rediscovered my addiction to Pinterest. As I’ve said before, this is mostly about questionable decision-making with respect to dips. Behold — cream cheese in the shape of a snowman! In the midst of all of this dip-judging, I fell down a rabbit hole filled with ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve …


Report from Skepticon: CampQuest

I’m at Skepticon this weekend. It’s the nation’s largest free conference on skepticism, science, intersectionality, and atheism. It brings feminist-friendly atheism to Springfield, MO, one of the buckles of America’s broad Bible belt. I love this conference. There are so many awesome people here talking about so many issues that …

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Third Thursday (Thankful) Television

It’s that time of year…when the world falls in love…tries desperately to stave off the onslaught of Christmas carols and instead focuses briefly, not on the things that we want (just a few more weeks kids), but on those things that we are grateful to have. For example, my colleagues …

Kids trick or treating at a large house.
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I’d Rather be a [Halloween Costume].

October is/was Bullying Awareness Month. This is something I assume that most of our readers know, but interestingly, it’s not something I felt was overly emphasized in my son’s school. There were some words said in some parent emails, including a list of “anti-bullying spirit week” concepts, but nothing overwrought …

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Field Tripping: Discover the Dinosaurs

(Disclaimer: I kinda, sorta forgot that maybe this would be a good topic to write about for GP so I didn’t keep as good an eye to detail as I should have for a thorough review. Accordingly, this will be a short review.) I’m not really sure if Discover the …


LEGO, You Ain’t no Friends of Mine

So, we got the new LEGO catalog the other day. This is always a big day in our household, especially for me, as it’s when I can start planning my holiday shopping for the kids and usually identify what I want under the x-mas tree as well. (Pro tip – …

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Baden-Powell Service Association~secular, inclusive scouting!

So this is super cool and something I’m really excited about. A few months ago, in one of the Facebook groups I’m in for moms in my area, one of them posted an invitation to get involved with a scouting troop she is starting. A secular scouting group. An all-inclusive …