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Starbucks is a Luxury: Teach Your Kid Financial Responsibility Before They Go College

I was listening to NPR one morning last week and they were discussing the hidden costs of college. Unfortunately, in the US, college is prohibitively expensive. Well, except for the whole “don’t worry, you can pay for everything in loans!” thing, which sounds much better when you’re a freshman than …

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Rejection is our constant companion.

No matter how old your kids are, they have some pretty dumbass ideas. My daughter Mary Alice, a junior in college, texted me the other day “I just took a practice LSAT and got a 160. I’m taking the official practice test next week.” Kewl. Good luck. She had mentioned …

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If my child falls in love with yours…

I will not be praying for you. I will not be praying for your child. Or your family. Or to your God, should you have one. Because I do not pray. I do not believe in (your) God. Or any gods. But that’s okay. Well, I certainly hope it’s okay. …

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5 Problems with Atheist Ideas: Conflicts with Atheism Part II

Note–This piece is a follow up to Conflicts With Atheism Part 1: From an Indian-American Mom Raised Atheist. Read it here. Get ready for an unpopular opinion: Many atheists have the following (perhaps subconscious) attitude: “I was born into a religious family. I was wise enough to see the error …

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Conflicts With Atheism Part I: From an Indian-American Mom Raised Atheist

“God is a mean-spirited, pugnacious bully bent on revenge against his children for failing to live up to his impossible standards.”   “Why should I wish to see God better than this day? I see something of God each hour of the twenty-four, and each moment then, In the faces …

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My Twins Turned 20. Don’t I Get a Sticker for This Shit?!

I celebrated my twins’ 20th birthday last week, or as I call it, the 20th anniversary of My Motherhood. I graciously took a moment on my anniversary to celebrate the little turds and I took sometime to pat myself on the back, too. I’ve managed to keep the twins (and …

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It’s Okay to Hate Mother’s Day

My mom died when I was 19, and for many years after her death, the national holiday that I hated more than any other was Mother’s Day. I’m not sure which was worse: the grief or the anxiety. I hated making people feel uncomfortable, so when asked those inevitable questions …

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The depreciation of childhood.

Horray America! It’s tax time. This is when we really get to see the true worth of our children and this year it’s $3,900.00 according to the Internal Revenue Service. I thought that when my children became adults I would no longer have to even think about them at tax …

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Don’t Deny My Reality! I Have a Kid With Autism.

Seriously, I can’t bitch. I’ve gotten everything I asked for. As a kid, I had only one prayer: “Jesus Christ (for then, that was my god) please make my life not so boring.” Action was what I expected out of suburban Ohio and I got it. In Ohio, yes even …

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Writing the Storm Out

TRIGGER WARNING FOR VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, AND SEXUAL ABUSE. ALSO SWEARING. LOTS OF SWEARING. My husband and I come from extremely abusive families, and we’ve both made the painful choice to cut our parents out of our lives for the sake of giving our own child as normal a childhood …