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Resources for parents of kids who don’t fit the heterosexual cisgender model

Let’s say that you’ve just found out that your child is LGBTQIA. Unless you live somewhere significantly more utopian than I do (in which case you don’t need this post), it means that your kid is likely to face some tough times. If you are reading this post, then I’m …

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Is Mr. Oogie Boogie Really that Scary?

I love my kids. They’re great kids. But they’re scaredy cats. When The Muppets came out a few years ago, I had to take the then-five-year-old out of the theater because he was screaming in terror whenever ominous music indicated a bad guy was about to speak. After begging us …

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My New Year’s Realization

I think I was good until I took him grocery shopping. Among the throngs of families hurriedly grabbing produce and boxes of hot cocoa and fresh bread, my six-year-old and I happily strode into the local upscale grocery store, on a quest to find the last two items from my …

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Skillz with Pillz: The Mechanics of Medicating Your Child

Along with inheriting my disorganized brain, my child also got my horrendous lack of coordination.  That means we both spend a lot of time doing wonderfully graceful things like biting our tongues and choking on our own saliva.  Taking pills is difficult enough for many people but for children who …

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Young Love

To facilitate the constant cycle of clothes into and out of my son’s dresser, we have come up with a plan. When the dresser drawers won’t close, we dive in. As each item comes out of the dresser I ask him:         “Does this fit?”         “Do you …

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Checking it Twice: An Elf’s Story

It was dark, finally, and Elfwina was able to relax and explore the house at will. It was Christmas Eve and the children had fought a lot that day, and she’d heard herself invoked several times: “Madison, if you don’t stop fighting with Jaspar, Elfwina will have to tell Santa …

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Between Authenticity and Acceptance

My stepson is a nerd. Through and through. He likes Yu-Gi-Oh and Doctor Who. He hates sports. He watches Youtube reviews of board games, and has watched his favorite episodes of TableTop and Co-Optitude so many times it’s driving his father and me crazy. In fact, he’s watching one right …

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Writing the Storm Out

TRIGGER WARNING FOR VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, AND SEXUAL ABUSE. ALSO SWEARING. LOTS OF SWEARING. My husband and I come from extremely abusive families, and we’ve both made the painful choice to cut our parents out of our lives for the sake of giving our own child as normal a childhood …

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Once Upon Tomorrow

Once upon a time, in the days of parachute pants, big hair and jelly bracelets, there was a little girl. She was a smart little girl but she had her issues. She had a lot of trouble doing schoolwork, she hardly ever finished what she started and she forgot a …