Book Review: Annabelle & Aiden: Oh, the Things We Believed

Two children look up to the clouds on a summers day. They gasp in surprise as a face appears to be looking down on them! Is it real? It certainly seems so… How can we tell?  Thus begins our second visit with J.R. Becker and illustrator Max Rambaldi’s precocious and …

image of two children on an elephant with book title above their head that reads Annabelle and Aiden in The Story of Life
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Book Review: Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life

Explaining evolution to young children is tough. Maybe that’s why creationists seem to have cornered the market on books for preschoolers tackling how we got here. But, J.R. Becker’s new book Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life takes on the difficult task of making Darwinian evolution interesting, understandable and engaging for young learners. Published this …

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Exploring the Future of Parenting

This past weekend some of our members attended CONvergence in Minneapolis, where we held a panel entitled, “It Takes a Village Moving at 80% the Speed of Light.” Our discussion topic was nominally focused on how parenting would change on a generational colony ship, but we strayed across the spectrum …

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A Tired Parent Reviews Classic Children’s Books

I’ve always loved reading, and I know how important it is to read to children, so of course my daughter has a well-stocked bookshelf. What I didn’t consider was that even the best children’s book loses something when you have to read it hundreds of times. I don’t even need …


Losing My Religion: A Review of The Gluten Lie

Two topics always seem to inspire a robust conversation on my Facebook feed — diet and religion. I’m conflicted on both topics — I’m an atheist Jew who has, at various times, eaten clean, low fat, carb free and out of a garbage can (that last episode brought to you by …


Star Trek and Humanism: The Novels Part 2

Picking up where we left off in last weeks post about Star Trek and humanist values, lets talk about a couple more good examples from the good folks at Pocket Books. Today we look at the book that laid the groundwork for the Klingon Empire we know and love, as well …

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Mammoth is Mopey Encourages True Paleo Nerds, Not Just Science Fetish

When I first read David and Jennie Orr’s new children’s book Mammoth is Mopey, I was conflicted. On the one hand, the artwork in this alphabet book featuring prehistoric creatures is great. A clean and simple style that David is known for and is perfect for little readers. The pages aren’t cluttered …


Book Review: The Opposite of Spoiled

Raise your hands, parents, if you love talking to your kids about money. Anyone? Anyone? If, like me, you agree that it’s important to have open and frank discussions with your children, especially about money, and you intend to, any moment now, just as soon as you figure out how …


Star Trek and Humanism: The Novels Part One

At last month’s panel on The Humanism of Star Trek at the Chi-Fi convention, moderated with an iron fist by the bad ass Jennifer Cross, I brought up during the all too brief question and answer period that I had had a lot of my Trek experience through the numerous Pocket …

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Lifetimes: Explaining Death to Children

It’s the holiday season, when we’re meant to be full to the brim with peace and joy and eggnog and cookies, and our houses are meant to be full to bursting with loved ones. All well and good, unless you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, in which case …