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Telling Their Stories

How much of your child’s life is documented on the Internet? When I was (finally) pregnant, I was so happy to be pregnant that I loved sharing belly pics on Facebook and posting the occasional pregnancy-related status update. I knew I was growing a baby inside my uterus- after all, …

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Why My Kid Had Purple Hair

Recently one of my friends polled all the other parents she knew: how terrible a parent would she be, she wondered, if she let her six year old get the mullet she was longing for? I won’t keep you in suspense: It was about a 70/30 split, with most parents …

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Writing the Storm Out

TRIGGER WARNING FOR VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, AND SEXUAL ABUSE. ALSO SWEARING. LOTS OF SWEARING. My husband and I come from extremely abusive families, and we’ve both made the painful choice to cut our parents out of our lives for the sake of giving our own child as normal a childhood …

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We All Have Parenting History

 All parents anywhere and anytime have one thing in common, we were all children, and that experience and context is our inevitable starting point when we begin forming our notions about how we want to raise children. And I’m convinced that the same tools that skeptics use to make rational …