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Field Tripping: The Cincinnati Museum Center

If you are an American of a certain age you are incredibly likely to have seen the building we are about to visit before, on your Saturday morning TV.  Yes, the iconic Hall of Justice, home of the Superfriends, or the less cringe inducing Justice League, was modeled for the …

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When I almost killed some kids at the Science center

A few years ago, I took my son to COSI for a day of fun. COSI is a science center in Columbus, and almost every Ohio person under the age of 35 can tell you all about their trip there when they were young. Most of the memories involve the tadpoles they …

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Field Tripping: The McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama

As a lifelong Cincinnatian, Birmingham (where The Girl was raised,) has always managed to surprise me.  Despite being located deep in the heart of conservative Alabama, Birmingham turns out to be a fascinating place. As one whose foray’s below the Mason-Dixon line were limited to beer runs to Newport in Northern Kentucky …

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They’ll Never Remember

Those are the words I hear every time I share with people the latest cool thing I’ve done with my 17 month old. Be it hikes, zoo, museum trips, and most recently an almost two week trip to Disney World. “Why are you going to Disney World? She’ll never remember,” …