daniel tiger being comforted by his mom
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Daniel Tiger has a New App for Parents and it is Awesome

I was bored-browsing through the app store the other day, and Daniel Tiger’s face caught my eye. I’ve downloaded multiple Daniel Tiger apps in the past, including “Day & Night” (about helping kids to get ready for bed and ready for school in the morning) and “Stop & Go” (for …

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Exploring the Future of Parenting

This past weekend some of our members attended CONvergence in Minneapolis, where we held a panel entitled, “It Takes a Village Moving at 80% the Speed of Light.” Our discussion topic was nominally focused on how parenting would change on a generational colony ship, but we strayed across the spectrum …

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An Open Letter to My Local Police Department: Please Don’t Shoot My Neighborhood’s Kids

Dear District 5 police force, how are you? I hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday Season. It has been a mild winter here in the Queen City so far, but looking at the forecast I see that freezing temperatures are on the way and there may even be …

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How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

I have been having sex (both consensual and non-consensual, and with some significant hiatuses) since I was 12 years old. I am now 45. In all that time, I have never had an unplanned pregnancy. I have never had an abortion. What I did have (and might still have) was …

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Lifetimes: Explaining Death to Children

It’s the holiday season, when we’re meant to be full to the brim with peace and joy and eggnog and cookies, and our houses are meant to be full to bursting with loved ones. All well and good, unless you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, in which case …


Your Kid’s Telling Lies? Good for Her!

(Caveat: This essay does not attempt to advise parents of children with ADHD, or addictions, or children with mood or eating disorders. Lying in those situations is a special case, with much different causes and consequences.) When I first came to Arkansas, many years ago, one of my students told …