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Good Cheer

Ethical Culture is a bit of an odd duck. It’s a non-theistic religion, or as I like to say, “the religion for people who don’t like religion.” The movement’s founder, Felix Adler, said that it is “religious to those who are religiously-minded and to those who interpret its work religiously, …

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The Problem With Tween Girls*

The click-bait headline blared something I can’t quite remember about how just plain horrible elementary and middle school (i.e. tween) girls are. They are pushy and loud and mean. That’s the idea right? That we are raising a generation of girls so imbued with the paradoxical juxtaposition of “girl power” …

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Boy/Girl sleepovers? What’s the big deal?

Hipster Tween is home from her father’s for a few days (she lives with me during the school year) and she’s been trying to set up a sleepover with one of her friends. C, who is a girl, is currently “5 hours north of Madison”. Hipster Tween, not to be …

baden powell service association

Baden-Powell Service Association~secular, inclusive scouting!

So this is super cool and something I’m really excited about. A few months ago, in one of the Facebook groups I’m in for moms in my area, one of them posted an invitation to get involved with a scouting troop she is starting. A secular scouting group. An all-inclusive …

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The Trials and Joys of Being a Furry Big Sis

            While I don’t necessarily consider myself a dog’s mom, our trusty Luna thinks of herself as the biggest sister. Since I’ve been writing serious and contentious posts lately, she advised that we write something more upbeat for a change. So without further ado, I’ll …

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Of Wizards and Weddings

Let’s say you are an author who- by combination of inspiration, talent, luck and marketing – happens to have written one of the most successful cross-generational literary phenomena of modern history. Let’s say, further, that you have written 6 of a 7 book series and are trying to finish up …

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Bronies Are People Too

I just read the heartbreaking story of Michael.  To make a long story short, this kid attempted to commit suicide after being bullied at school.  He’s eleven years old and likes “My Little Pony”.  Apparently, that is something to be ridiculed and bullied for.  I don’t really understand the concept …


Reaching Out

When you have a baby, you are community property. You have plans for every weekend, family visit upon family visit, and you perform such still-novel tasks as diaper changes with a constant audience. You go along with it because otherwise you would have to think, and at this point, your …