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When Mommy Bloggers Divorce

One of my guilty pleasures is the website known as GOMI or Get Off My Internets — known for its never-ending supply of snark about bloggers and the internet famous. What can I say — I can only spend so much of my free time looking at pictures of horrific dips on Pinterest. Confession: I …

Kid Drawing
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Make Her a Damn Burrito: Raising the Young Artist

Here at chez delagar, we’re all working artists.  Dr. Skull is a poet and a musician; I write science fiction.  The kid runs a web comic which has (literally) hundreds of dedicated fans and (now) a spin-off comic of its own. This is exactly the sort of life I always …

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On Travel and Toddlers and Projectile Poop

I was changing my son in a parking lot midway through a move across the U.S., when he projectile pooped. The geyser propelled a conglomeration of hard and soft feces down his leg, and along the pavement. Normally, I’d have sworn a blue streak, but I had run out of …

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Parenting for Kindness and Compassion

Recently our local newspaper reran a Washington Post article entitle “Five ways to raise kids to be kind”. The article reports on research led by Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard psychologist with the graduate school of education, which shows that more parents are concerned with their kids’ academic achievement than their …

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Not Leaving Her in the Lurch

A few years ago, someone I know got arrested and ended up out of communication for several weeks. There were lots of ways that this situation was tragic for him and his family, but there was one specific way that the situation scared me and changed the way I provide …

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Ditching the Crib at 6 Months

“Thud! Thud! Thud!” It came from the baby monitor: rhythmic, loud, and terrifying for a first time mom. I ran into my twin sons’ nursery and watched in horror as one of them repeatedly slammed his head into the end of the crib. He seemed bored and trying a new sensation …

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Get Real Recipes: Teething Cookies

I am not a mom who has her shit together on homemaking baby-skills like many moms seem to. It’s not that I’m bad at creating things. I used to be pretty awesome. You wanted something yummy and homemade, I was your girl. You wanted a creatively retiled kitchen–I’m right there. …

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Five Things to Know When You Know Things Ain’t Right

When my baby was two weeks old, we noticed that her eyes scanned back and forth like a metronome. Being the loving and thoughtful parents that we were, we made jokes about her “Kit Kat Clock eyes” and just sort of ignored it for about a week. She seemed to …

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There are starving children in Africa

If you Google the search terms “preschooler” and “picky eater”, the results will include thousands of websites with advice ranging from – “offer choices and let them pick” to “offer new foods often and make them eat at least one bite of something new” to the all so familiar to me “make them sit at the …

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Skillz with Pillz: The Mechanics of Medicating Your Child

Along with inheriting my disorganized brain, my child also got my horrendous lack of coordination.  That means we both spend a lot of time doing wonderfully graceful things like biting our tongues and choking on our own saliva.  Taking pills is difficult enough for many people but for children who …