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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: People for the Ethical Treatment of Assholes Edition

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals came across my Facebook feed this week… again. With a reputation for using spurious health claims and sexist and degrading imagery to pursue their crusade to eliminate the use of animal products in any form, PETA has done more to sully the reputation …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: That’s not how Diapers Work Edition

Let’s cut right to the chase… This ad pisses me off. This is why the anti-chemical/anti-science/anti-innovation trend is so dangerous and infuriating. They’re trying to scare us into thinking all our products are trying to kill us, but don’t give an actual crap about the environment.Safer? Safer than what? I …


The First 12 Days of Parenthood

Well, It’s time to change my bio. My newest baby is here. I will tell my birth story a little later (full of amazing feats of science and medicine bringing us both safely through the process). First, I would like to share a little song my spouse and I wrote …


In Defense of Yoga Pants and Nihilism

Every so often I read an article that makes me say a little prayer to the Cosmos: “please let this be satire, please let this be satire, please let this be satire.” Today that article lumped together two completely unrelated topics: yoga pants and nihilism. So I took the bait and read …


Scientist Barbie Not Really Dressed for Lab Work

I was just doing a little holiday shopping online, looking for Barbies for my daughter, and I found the “Career Barbie” section. Barbie is just as versatile as when I was a kid–she can be an astronaut, teacher, chef, nurse, dentist, whatever! While I appreciate Barbie’s fashion choices (cool vaguely-inspired-by-molecular-structure …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Election Grief Counseling Edition

Winter is coming… The fairgrounds are silent. A biting northern wind blows leftover scraps of the summer frolic across empty grandstands… Only the echoes of children’s laughter haunt the field where once they dared gravity to test the limits of their fear… The arena is empty, the lonely attendant is …


Mail Call: A GP Reader Responds to Recent Posts

We’ve got mail! We often get comments and messages from readers (and people who hate our headlines, but haven’t read the articles), both positive and critical. It’s nice to know that our site generates a more motivated response than discussion in MRA chatrooms and mommy groups on Facebook. One of our favorite readers …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The Bathroom Wars Part Two, The NOT HELPING Edition

(CN: Anti-Trans bigotry and some generally clueless allyship) Welcome back to the Bathroom Wars. If you read the first edition in this series (click here,) then you’ll be up to date. North Carolina started this brouhaha about who should get to pee where at the end of March, leading to …


Little Einsteins: Innocent Kids’ Show or Post-Apocalyptic Earth?

On the surface, Disney’s Little Einsteins appears to be about teaching kids about classical music and art through easy-to-digest storylines typically found in the saccharine world of children’s television. But is there something more sinister hiding beneath the shiny veneer? Like, a story about a post-apocalyptic future following a robot …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Medicating Calvin & Hobbes Edition

The funny pages, like the newspapers that carry them have been waning in their cultural impact for decades now. Not to say that the art form is passing away, on the contrary the rise of the Webcomic  has given artists a new platform to present works that would never have made …