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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The “Original” ADHD Medicine

CN: Corporal Punishment/Violence against Children Hi there gentle Grounded Parents readers. I hope everyone had a very happy summer vacation. It’s the first week of school here in the Queen City, and I was planning on doing a light hearted post about back to school shopping, or getting ready for …

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Spoiler Alert: Summer Movie Review

Summer Movie season is almost over, and this summer has been the first really active one at the Hellions compound.  With The Schmoo entering the Tween years at ten and The Grommet getting ready for first grade at six, everyone is old enough to see most PG films (the Peanut, …

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Fun Apps for Toddlers with Fine Motor Disabilities (Android)

My toddlers are nearing three and get limited screen time (per the AAP). I try to ensure that time is spent interacting with technology in the form of quality learning apps and engaging games. However, their fine motor delays narrow the list of apps they can use successfully significantly. Fine motor delays make it difficult to complete delicate tasks. …

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A Mother in Baltimore…

(CN: Violence against a teen) It’s Thursday April 30th, 2015, and the city of Baltimore is still reeling from the events surrounding the suspicious death of 25 year old African American Freddie Gray whilst in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department allegedly for possession of a switchblade. According to news …

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Virtual Field Tripping: Shelf Life from the AMNH

I adore the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. From my first trip there as an awkward tween, I’ve been hooked. Before we were married, Spouse and I fell in love among AMNH’s dinosaurs. It was only natural that when Offspring came along we would make one …

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Is Your Kid’s Favorite Superhero Sexist?

I spent most of Thursday (when I wasn’t working, of course) flipping back and forth between two breaking comic-related stories. The first was actually really exciting (to me) news that DC is working on a new superhero concept featuring and aimed at girl comic fans. My first reaction was something pretty …

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On Blocking and Unfriending and Muting and Silencing in General

Recently I unfriended one of my friends on Facebook. Well, I say friend.  We knew each other in grad school.  We ran with the same pack, as one does in grad school.  But when I joined FB, she reached out to me, and I friended her. We had grown to …

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Guest Post: No, False Balance Is Not Responsible Journalism

Ed’s Note: Today’s guest post author wished to remain anonymous. This post is about the idea that every viewpoint has an equally valid opposite, based on the erroneous notion any contrasting view is equally credible, no matter how unsupported that opinion is.  ***** One of the local TV stations here in Maine airs …

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Kavin Can’t Even: A Fun GMO Quiz and MSNBC Joins Right-to-Know Bandwagon

We can’t expect MSNBC to be objective. I’m a liberal Democrat and even I know that. Still, I was extremely disappointed to see a recent poll on its website titled, “Do you think GMO labeling should be mandatory?” On its surface, this question isn’t incredibly problematic. It’s a simple yes …