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Why I Think the Food Allergy Parent Who Ruined Halloween Is Probably a Hoax

Last week, the internet exploded in outrage over a Connecticut parent demanding that people pass out Necco wafers and carrots to keep her food allergic child safe and included on Halloween. Holy Peanot Butter, I have never seen so many happy haters.  Every stereotype about pain in the ass food allergy …

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Listen to the FIRST EVER Grounded Parents Podcast!!

It’s the first episode of the Grounded Parents podcast! Kavin came to DC, and Emily and Jenny hung out in her hotel room! And we recorded it! Many exclamation points! We talked about the having it all myth, Target and gendered toys, breastfeeding, circumcision, sleep training, GMOs, vaccines, Dr. Amy and …

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Anxiety Amplification: Sending an Offspring to College in the Age of Facebook

When Offspring saw this post title over my shoulder, xe said, “But I’m not on Facebook, why are you worried?” so I’ll start with the clarification. It’s not what Offspring might do on Facebook that feeds my anxiety (for obvious reasons), it’s being on Facebook, myself, that is the problem. …

Preschooler wearing shirt that reads "American Monster", featuring a red, white and blue monster.
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Kids + Guns

(The AAP making an obvious and unhelpful statement.)   I was 16 or 17 when I pulled into the mall’s parking ramp one day for my work shift. I was fiddling around in the car and getting my things together when I noticed something really strange. Another car, driven erratically, was …

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Is it Legal for Kids to Have Sex When They are Home Alone?

{Content Warning – Discussion of statutory rape laws, including some specific language regarding youth sexual conduct.} Serious question. In light of the ongoing fracas regarding kids exploring the world without supervision, it occurred to me – with a wide range of ages when kids are deemed capable of being home …

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My Favorite Child

Boy: Mama! I went POTTY! Me: (with the exuberance of a potty-training, exhausted mom, who was freaking thrilled at this development) Wow! That’s fantastic! Way to go! I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Girl: You love him more than me. Why aren’t you proud of me? *heart breaks* Me: Of course I’m proud …

kid screaming in store
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When saying NO to your kids becomes an endurance event

On a recent Saturday morning, just a few short weeks after Christmas, I had this conversation with my 5-year-old: Me: I’m running out to get some dog food and bird seed. Him: Can I come with you? Me: Yes, you can come. However, you are not getting anything. No toys. …

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Parenting Is About Parents Too

Grounded Parents, as the name implies, is a parenting blog.  Most of us usually take this to mean that it focuses on tips and experiences raising children and so is child focused, and this is certainly true.  What is often overlooked is that parenting has another side to it and …

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On Being a Helicopter Parent

Just to get this out of the way – the title is (kind of, almost, maybe sort of, meant to be) ironic. By which I mean, I don’t actually think I’m a helicopter parent.  Who has the time?  I’ve got this job, not to mention I’m trying to write my …

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Angry Parent. Angry Kid.

Confession: Sometimes I’m a lousy parent. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I lose my temper. Sometimes I yell. And my kid yells too. He loses his temper over stuff that is really small. Unlike my stuff which is obviously real and significant. There’s nothing like hearing yourself in your kid’s meltdown. I’ve read …