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Just How Far Apart Are Your Kids?

As anyone who has ever existed in the world with nosy family and coworkers can tell you, there’s not much that people won’t express an opinion about when it comes to the various milestones of adulthood. Are you over 23? Well, are you in a relationship? When are you getting …

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9 things I wish the anti-vaccine parents would admit

Generally, I love a debate. But as I get older, I no longer debate guns or vaccines. Those are two topics that I stay away from, just to save my own sanity. But today, I don’t know, something moved me. I wasn’t going to write about this. Then we had …

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Why I Don’t Believe in Mother’s Intuition

One day, when my daughter was a little over a year old, I was running my hands through her hair when I noticed an odd ridge down the center of the top of her head. I felt a cold chill go through me. What the hell was that? I know perfectly well that you …

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Parenting the Parents

As parents, we have all had someone, somewhere, tell us how we should, or shouldn’t, parent.  Usually it is our own parents. “Well, I never used those kind of diapers. Brand X is much better.” And “You should always check the temperature on your left wrist first before feeding her.” …

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Can We Please Stop Gaslighting Our Kids?

Welcome to the holiday season – the time of year when we celebrate with family, food, commercialism, and putting young children in impossibly hard situations and then expecting them to act like little adults. Long car rides, breaks in routine, large family meals full of rich foods and new people, being forced to sit on …

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Are we saps for being SAHPs?

Podcasts have become a big part of the rhythm of my week as a stay at home parent. My day to day chores, folding laundry, cooking and then cleaning the kitchen, running errands and grocery shopping are accompanied by the guys at the Grantland NFL Podcast, Caustic Soda (this week is …

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Not That Kind of Parent: The Problem With Lena Dunham

Trigger warning: Possible trigger for sexual abuse, consent, and childhood trauma.  ********************************************************** ********************************************************** ********************************************************** ********************************************************** It’s not news that Lena Dunham’s new memoir Not That Kind of Girl includes a rather bizarre story about seven year old Dunham examining her one year old sister’s genitals. The retelling of that story went viral and two camps …

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Yummy or Yuck? Part 2: Let them eat dirt (or not?)

With discussions about increased allergies and hyper-sterile environments (in the (over)developed world at least), there is a body of parenting lore that supports the idea of building your child’s immune system by exposing them to germs through outside play, engagement with animals etc. Now presumably this idea isn’t completely crazy. …

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Why Does Kavin Have a GMO/Vaccine/Big-Science Fan Page?

While I contribute to a few sites, Grounded Parents will always be my home base. This is because I was here at the launch, and Grounded Parents (and even a Skepchick or two) are my family. We’re not a hive mind, but we’re all parents, we’re all skeptical, and we …

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Round Table: Oh Shit! Swearing and Kids

This month’s topic is: How do you handle swearing in your family? We all do it, whether we want our kids to do it or not. And every parent has a different idea of what swearing means in their family. Share your own story in the comments! *** Steph I …