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Win for Internet Crusaders Against Anti-Vax: State Farm Drops Rob Schneider

I’d just like to say, I called it first! I knew early on that Chow Babe, Food Hunk, Science Babe, and other anti-pseudoscience Facebook communities were not only providing entertainment, they were crusaders of the internet, wielding powerful weapons in the form of evidence and persistence against dangerous pseudoscience. The …

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Anti-GMO & Anti-Vax Sentiments Cross Left-wing and Right-wing Lines

    I’m not often wrong, but I admit when I make a mistake. I was always aware of pseudoscience littering the internet and permeating our communities. I must admit that I fell for a stereotype of clear-cut pseudoscience camps. Until recently, I thought science-deniers were neatly packaged into two …

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Why Vaccines Should Be Mandatory (Hint: Food Babe, Mercola, & Google U)

My colleague Erich recently wrote a superb post responding point-by-point to anti-vaccine nonsense at Modern Alternative Mama. He puts forth some solid arguments that I predominantly agree with. The main point on which we respectfully disagree: “I also feel strongly that parents, not should, but MUST have the right to …

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Why GMOs and Genomic Medicine Made Me Register as an Organ Donor

Before you waste your time – if you’re anti Affordable Care Act, anti social programs, or against a mandated living wage, don’t bother reading further. This is for readers who care about everyone’s children, not just their own. What’s does one inherit with parenthood? A belly pooch, and “Elmo’s Song” …

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While We Dump Ice Water, Here’s What England Is Doing: The 100,000 Genomes Project

The other day, I posted this on Facebook: “Short rant: If you’re not pro-genomics/biotechnology R & D, please stop with the #icebucketchallenge or any other fundraising gimmicks for ALS, cancer or other diseases. We’re not going to cure that ish with a magic wand. Otherwise, please proceed.” Needless to say, …


Scarecrows and other political plays.

I am afraid to fly. It’s not a rational fear, and although I am fully aware of both statistics and probability calculations, I can’t seem to shake it. I take twelve to sixteen flights a year and I never get any calmer, nor do I feel any safer. If someone …

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And our hearts break with you.

I remember keenly the first time I really, deeply, felt the full force of the privilege that US culture grants me due to the color of my skin. It was 2008. For a few years previously I had been reinvesting with feminism and intersectionality and was active with fellow #socialjusticewarriors on …

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I Want YOU! (and Your Kids’ DNA): On Precision Medicine & Fear

My enthusiasm about human genomics and the burgeoning new world of precision medicine is usually difficult to contain. I can’t help but broach it whenever healthcare or disease comes up in conversation. “Genomic data is powerful,” I exclaim. “Some day all Americans will have their entire genomes sequenced at or …

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Intelligent, Educated, and Anti-GMO, Anti-Vax, Anti-Science?

They’re sometimes known as “antis.” People who are anti-vaccination, anti-GM technology, who believe in dangers of high-fructose corn syrup, in amber teething necklaces having analgesic properties, in epidurals being harmful, or in breastmilk being significantly superior to formula…what would most of us think they have in common? For one, those …


6 reasons being a mom is not ‘the hardest job in the world’ (It’s not even a job)

Nothing brings the bile up into my throat like people declaring that ‘being a mum is the hardest job in the world!!’. I had to almost give up the internet when that sentimental, smug video, about how difficult a ‘job’ it was to be a ‘mom’ seemed to be popping …