In response to a “pro-life atheist”

On Tuesday, Kristine Kruszelnicki, director of Pro-Life Humanists, was featured as a guest blogger on Hemant Mehta’s blog – “Friendly Atheist” with her post: Yes, There Are Pro-Life Atheists Out There. Here’s Why I’m One of Them. Perhaps Mr. Mehta is letting his friendliness override his sense? In her blog, Ms. Kruszelnicki attempts to address …

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My Body—A Political Pawn

Damn right, it’s personal! For me this started out with a bad feeling after reading the Conservative Party’s (Høyre) agenda, their campaign propaganda to get voters. I soon found a piece about abortion that took me by surprise. They wanted to propose a change in the current law, which in …


So I Married a Gun Nut

I distinctly remember our first date. I had a few disclaimers to get out-of-the-way. Me: There are a few things you should know about me. I am a Pro-choice Feminist, a Socialist and not Christian. Also, I am a vegetarian. I just don’t want to waste your time if any …


Irish Education: Of Catholics and Closets

In my previous post I mentioned how schools in Ireland are allowed to deny children admission based on the religious affiliation of their parents.  In recent weeks it has come to light that the exemptions provided by the state are also used to intimidate and/or remove staff based on their …


In Praise of Standardized Tests and Those of Us Who Grade Them

I do a lot of things. One of those things is grading standardized tests at home online. I sit on the couch next to the cat and I get paid to read. I do this for hours pretty much every single week of the year. In doing so, I become …


I Was Wrong About Woody Allen

Mild trigger warning: Discussion of Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow but no specific details about the abuse. When the Woody Allen scandal broke the first time around, I wasn’t a parent and I didn’t care. All I needed to know? Woody Allen was never charged with a crime. That was …

Missouri Capitol

Show Me Some Good Bills

Recently, I published two articles about bills in the Missouri House of Representatives that attack the teaching of evolution in public schools. Fortunately, neither bill has proceeded very far yet (both HB1472 and HB1587 have only been referred to committee), so maybe these bad bills will die natural deaths. But …

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Tidbit Tuesdays: the 2014 Olympics

The Olympics start this Friday in Sochi, and I’m going to guess that many of us will watch at least some of the coverage with our families and it will be all over the news. So today I’d like to look at some resources that might be helpful or interesting …


Pet Politics

I have often wondered how I would have handled it if my child had been allergic to animals. Having grown up on a farm, I find a life without animals to seem rather absurd and almost unnatural. Today we have two cats and two rats, and we also nanny some dogs …


I Don’t Know How She Does It Or How Anyone Does it

There’s a famous novel that was published in England about a decade ago called I Don’t Know She Does It. The novel is based on the life of an English woman trying to balance children and career at the same time. And then sort of sucking at both of these …