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The NICU, Part 3: What not to say to a Preemie parent

Note: I’m indulging in a not-so-skeptical post today, but I’m including Star Wars Lego pictures, so that makes up for it a little, right? When my children were in the NICU, many people were often at a loss for what to say, while others spoke without thinking. Sometimes, that resulted in comments …

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Please Stop Calling Yourself a Feminist

I came across a blog post today, which begs the question: “Can you be a pro-choice feminist and anti-home birth?” Of course, I had to take a look. She posits that to be anti-home birth is to be anti-feminist and anti-choice. I disagree. I have been involved in the reproductive rights and women’s …

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Again, a Mother. But Not a Woman.

(Trigger Warning: mention of self-injury and disordered eating) The femininity of pregnancy is almost undeniable. The acquisition of soft curves, the roundness of growth replacing hardness and angles. Breasts grow fuller, hair and nails thicker and longer. We, the child-bearers are expected to embrace this femininity in preparation for motherhood. …

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Not Buried Twice: Why the Fight for Birth Safety Matters

The backlash to the so-called “Mommy Wars” has been, in some ways, as misguided as the “wars” themselves. There’s a mentality that anything a parent (but usually a mother) does is just as valid, right, or safe as the alternative. While that holds true for some things, like breastfeeding vs. …

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OCD Quickies Part 2: Postpartum OCD

This is part 2 in an indefinite series about OCD and my personal experiences with the disorder. Today, I’ll talk about how I realized I had postpartum OCD. Here is part 1 if you missed it, about my official diagnosis and explanation of GWAS and the heredity of OCD. I …

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#YesAllWomen. Thankfully #NotAllBabies.

I’m a Dr. Amy fan. I value the attention she’s brought to the dangers of homebirth. I’m a pretty strong homebirth opponent too — all I can see is increased risk with no benefit — and I agree with the part of her recent blog post that brings to light …

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OCD Quickies Part 1: Why I’m Excited for My Shiny New Diagnosis, and What is a GWAS?

This will be the first in a series about my journey with OCD. I’m taking this on for two main reasons. First, although the stigma is slowly diminishing, it takes more openness to help the erosion. Second, as I’ve become more attuned to it, I’ve heard someone refer to themselves …

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The NICU Part 2: Ridiculously Long List of Ways to Help a NICU Parent

Note: this is part two in an ongoing series about life as a long-term NICU parent. Find part 1 here. Before we had kids, our friends’ daughter was in the NICU for heart surgery. They were almost 5,000 miles away and nothing seemed helpful to send, so we did absolutely …

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What Does Science Have to Say About Pregnancy Brain?

Note: Check out the companion piece to this article, written by Mombot. *** One of the most humbling things about having kids is that you realize that a lot of your opinions about pregnancy and parenthood are bullshit. Nothing really happens exactly the way you think it will, no matter …

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Growing Humans is Badass

I spend a fair amount of time on parenting support boards. To receive, but also and mostly, to give support. I think parents in our generation, for the most part, don’t have access to the “village” that our parents and grandparents had for advice and support. The internet gives us a unique …