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In Defense of Gluten Free

I can’t believe I’m about to say this  but here it is — I think it’s time to lay off the gluten free folks. Listen, I love a good science-based smackdown as much as the next gal, and I get that there’s SO MUCH to smack down here. Yes, the gluten free diet …


Finding the Causes of Disease

I admit it, I’m a bit of a stats geek. I have a graduate minor in statistics, and I enjoy reading well-done analyses of complex datasets. Last week, Significance Magazine published a well written teardown of a study that claimed to link GMOs to various diseases. Spoiler alert: the original paper is …


Why This Mom Boycotts Organic and Will Never Shop at Whole Foods

When I was pregnant with my daughter, family and friends began encouraging me to buy organic produce. I was always a critical thinker, and I doubted the touted benefits of organic food. Still, to appease family, my husband and I started purchasing organic apples, strawberries, and some of the other …

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Stop Indoctrinating Children into the Anti-GMO Cult

I find it adorable to see babies and kids with parents at political rallies. Shortly after my 18th birthday, I went to see Al Gore speak and was thrilled by the children towering over the crowd wearing various Democratic Party t-shirts, riding on parents’ shoulders. I have loved Michael Jackson …

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What You Don’t Know About Food Allergies

There’s nothing scarier than the unknown. Especially if you’re a parent. When your kid gets diagnosed with a food allergy, the unknown kind of becomes your new normal. You’ve got tons of questions but there are no answers. What are the chances of cross contamination? What if I missed something on the label? What if she goes into …

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Minnesota School Districts Contribute to the Dumbing Down of America by Going GMO-free

Just yesterday, I saw alarming information on GMO Free USA’s Facebook page. Emblazoned in all caps on an image of happy kids I read, “MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE WORKING TO REMOVE GMOs IN AN EFFORT TO ‘SUPPORT KIDS’ LONG TERM HEALTH.’” There is so much wrong with this message that …

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Food Babe – Stop Giving Cancer Advice. It Makes You Seem Reckless.

  Disclaimer: I’m no expert on cancer. Still, when I put my name to assertions, they’re based in solid science. I have a high-level understanding of how cancers work, which is leagues more than Food Babe can claim. Furthermore, arguing for consensus requires far less expertise than spouting idiocy does. …

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Why Does Kavin Have a GMO/Vaccine/Big-Science Fan Page?

While I contribute to a few sites, Grounded Parents will always be my home base. This is because I was here at the launch, and Grounded Parents (and even a Skepchick or two) are my family. We’re not a hive mind, but we’re all parents, we’re all skeptical, and we …

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Michael Pollan’s Future is Bleak Because You Didn’t Breastfeed

For food writer and activist Michael Pollan, the future is bleak without breastmilk. In an interview published in the food journal Lucky Peach, Pollan describes the path to our dystopian future with more than just the usual suspects of cornfed beef, big dairy and processed foods. Infant formula, he writes, is another “great …

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I’m Skeptical of Kate Tietje

{UPDATE 10/18/2014} A response from Pro Vaccine Shills has been added. {2ND UPDATE 10/19/2014} Pro Vaccine Shills has removed the items in question and posted an explanation here.   This is not the article I thought I’d be writing next.   I’ve been debating Kate Tietje, at Modern Alternative Mama …