Let’s Get Jenny off the Block

Jenny McCarthy is at it yet again. McCarthy is what used to be called a starlet. Back in the days before we had Paris Hilton or Kardashians, we also had some semi-famous people. They would appear in a movie or two or maybe on television and then forever be the …


Ten Stupid Bullshit Things I’d Like To Leave Behind in 2013

I have no resolutions this year. Because I am doing me. Accepting that my ass resembles a pillow pet. Investing in spanx. I do, however, have a few great fantasies for 2014. I fantasize that my pediatrician will take back her advice to treat my daughter’s cold with homeopathy. Gah …


When your Support System Quacks Up

When my first daughter (we’ll call her Rose) was born over five years ago, the local baby clinic was my lifeline. With no family living in Cape Town, and none of our close friends having had kids yet, my partner and I were in desperate need of support and advice. The clinic …

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F#[email protected] the Birth Experience

A couple of years ago I wrote an essay about how my perception of the “birth experience” had changed from the birth of my first kidlet by c-section to the event of my triumphant VBAC. Spoiler alert: VBAC, SHMEEBAC. That essay eventually became a story that I told onstage — …