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getting involved in special education lobbying and advocacy~ESEA re-authorization in 2015?

What if I told you that there might be a bill in Congress this year…a bill that might increase a school’s options when it comes to using restraints and seclusion, and decreased their accountability in doing so? Good, now that I have your attention, keep reading. Most special needs parents …

reducing stress during the holidays
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Managing Your Special Needs and Non-Religious Family at the Holidays

Ho ho ho…the holidays are here! There was a time when I dreaded the holidays. We are atheist/agnostic in a family that has many fundamentalist Christians in it. As if dodging those questions and comments for years wasn’t enough….my first son was born with special needs so we need extra …

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Bath And Body Worked Over: Don’t Keep My Kid Out of Your Shitty Store

Let me tell you a little story about the day I lost my parental shit… It was the year my special needs daughter was turning 18, in my home state of Virginia that means that I had to obtain Guardianship for her. This seemingly mandatory procedure involved two attorneys, a …

anti vaccine
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from anti-vaxer to vaccine advocate

This is something that I’ve been wanting to share for quite some time, just never had the motivation or purpose to do so. Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed by it, and I’ll get into that in a bit. I’m doing a blog improvement course and one of our writing prompts is …

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Dealing With Your Child’s Sleep Issues

Do your children sleep through the night?  Mine didn’t.  In the seven years after my first child was born I don’t think I ever got a full night sleep. My son was born eight weeks premature.  We were thankful that he only had to spend eight days in the NICU.  …

Bully Nation
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Your Kid Ain’t All That.

This past week, my Ohioan autistic advocate blood was boiling over the news of bullies who pulled a faux ice bucket challenge on a 14-year-old autistic kid. Bullying happens to kids all of the time but it’s one thing to know it and another to see it. Thanks to the …

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WTF Cure: The Cutler Protocol

Have you ever found yourself at the pharmacy thinking, “now HERE’S a job anyone can do. A bit of math, a decent memory. How hard can it be?” Or looked at your prescription and thought, “you know, I’ll bet I could throw together something twice as effective in my kitchen.” Yeah, me neither; and yet …

white house egg roll
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my second existential crisis this summer

Not really. Just a bad joke, I’m not terribly funny. Earlier this summer, I was invited to contribute to Skeptability. I did a whole two posts on there…until the Skepchick team realized that this is probably a better fit for me. Anyway, my first post on there was “Who Am …

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Boundless Playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds are awesome—kids enjoy unstructured play, take risks, build stuff using random supplies, and only occasionally get hurt. Begun as junk playgrounds in the mid 20th century, these play areas have new popularity. According to Fair Play for All Children, “children engage in a far greater variety of activities on adventure …

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The NICU, Part 3: What not to say to a Preemie parent

Note: I’m indulging in a not-so-skeptical post today, but I’m including Star Wars Lego pictures, so that makes up for it a little, right? When my children were in the NICU, many people were often at a loss for what to say, while others spoke without thinking. Sometimes, that resulted in comments …