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  • chrisbrecheen posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    I think the reason I started identifying with the movement and the label is because people made those assumptions anyway.

  • chrisbrecheen posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    You know, I’ve never ACTUALLY met a feminist who didn’t care about how gender equality hurts men too. I am assured such types are out there (usually by feminism’s detractors oddly enough) but even after ten years in the Bay Area of being very aware of feminism and feminist issues, I’ve never really found one.

    I did a quick Google for “Male…[Read more]

    • Well, I’ve never met one IRL, but on Tumblr or Jezebel, it’s all the rage. You see rape denial (“Quit bragging about having sex when you were 8, Chris Brown.”), gender policing (Yes, I’ve watched MLP on occasion. No, I’ve never thought about the characters in a sexual manner, and the fact that someone would makes me vomit just a little.), and they…[Read more]

  • chrisbrecheen posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    You’re welcome! Thanks for letting me know. It’s nice to hear the good stuff. 🙂

  • chrisbrecheen posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    Do you find that other people call you feminist?

    • Sometimes, and even if they don’t I know they’re thinking it. So my refusal to label myself as such is probably meaningless in the long (and short!) run. And maybe my fear of what I stated is misguided and not a realistic scenario, I can’t say for sure. I just don’t want some men to get interested in the topic without knowing too much about it…[Read more]

      • I think we’re at a place where feminism needs all the support it can get, and calling ourselves feminists if we agree with the tenets is important. We need to shift that Overton window back, and just as being out has dramatically shifted public perception, the best way to shift public perception of feminists is to self-identify.
        This doesn’t…[Read more]

        • I agree, I’ll call myself a feminist proudly, but it’s not my job to develop positions, but rather to relay the arguements and experiences women I know , or of whose work I know. Correct me if I’m wrong but as near as I can tell this is the best way to support the cause without the danger of mascinulizing it.

      • I think the solution is simple. Let other people decide for themselves. Make your stance on certain topics clear, and people will call you a feminist. Some will do that respectfully, and others scornfully.
        That way you also avoid people misunderstanding you because they have a fixed idea of what a feminist stands for, what strategies a feminist…[Read more]