Weekend Reads: Modeling Respect and Inclusion in Schools, Books for Activist Kids, and Movie Playgrounds?

Happy Weekend Readers. It’s the 12th of March and the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 104th birthday. I’ll take 2 boxes of Do-si-do’s please. Whilst the Trump Justice Department pulls back from Obama era steps towards protecting transgender students, Hawaii has stepped up to be more inclusive and respectful,  a legacy …

HealthSex and Sexuality

We Must Protect the Children!!!

Several months ago, our school district began the long process to review, update and revise its human growth and development curriculum – which hadn’t been done since the 1980s. Not that anything has changed since then *sarcasm.* Actually, quite a bit has changed, namely, we know a lot about what works (comprehensive sexuality …


#Moms4FactsNotFear — Tell Your Senator You Support GMOs!

NEXT FRIDAY, October 16, Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America are headed to Washington, DC to take their anti-science agenda of fear to the U.S. Senate. Zen and her dangerous, fear-mongering group, Moms Across America, want our elected officials to believe that they speak for all moms when they reject GMOs and the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling …


GMOs, Rachel Parent, and Jake Lutick-Fuller: What separates a child ideologue from a child activist?

I recently wrote a story about Jake Lutick-Fuller, after interviewing the 10-year-old science activist who wants to be a genetic engineer when he grows up. Jake isn’t your everyday kid with a volcano at the school science fair. The mushroom and mycology aficionado likes to trek through the forest weekly, …

Girl in superhero outfit with text: Stereotypes limit thinking; No Gender November - Stereotypes have no place under my christmas tree"

Why I’m On the Fence About “No Gender December”.

Maybe it’s just my Facebook peeps, but for the past couple of days, I’ve been seeing a reasonably steady stream of info about “No Gender December“, an initiative by an Australian group called Play Unlimited. The stated goal is focused – rightly in my book – on gender-specific toy marketing and seems …