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You Too Can Fix All the Parents

This is me tired. This is me fed up. This is me thinking I should have a glass of wine while writing this post. I have had it up to my eyeballs with articles insisting our children are being ruined because we’re lousy parents. To prove how bad things are, these articles often cite …


Age and ADHD Diagnosis in Taiwan

Well hi there! Welcome to “This Week in Parenting Research”, a biweekly column where I take a look at new research that may be of interest to parents or anyone who interacts with kids regularly. This week I found an interesting recent paper from The Journal of Pediatrics called “Influence of …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The “Original” ADHD Medicine

CN: Corporal Punishment/Violence against Children Hi there gentle Grounded Parents readers. I hope everyone had a very happy summer vacation. It’s the first week of school here in the Queen City, and I was planning on doing a light hearted post about back to school shopping, or getting ready for …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Childhood is not a Disease!

Crash… boom… bang…screeeeech! It’s Internet Meme Demolition Derby time!  Let’s get right to the action this week folks. Cruising into the arena propelled by the powerful combination of self righteous judgmental criticism of kids that are troubled or different and a blinkered, ignorant suspicion of the medical establishment tied together …

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Once Upon Tomorrow

Once upon a time, in the days of parachute pants, big hair and jelly bracelets, there was a little girl. She was a smart little girl but she had her issues. She had a lot of trouble doing schoolwork, she hardly ever finished what she started and she forgot a …

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Losing It (and Getting It Back)

(Trigger Warnings: Mental Illness, Anxiety, Panic Attacks) Here’s my current take on the whole parenting situation: parenting young kids is like threading a needle while riding in the back of a moving pickup truck. Also, the truck is being driven by three small children, and one of them is screaming …