A Magnolia State of Mind

We have a scattering of bumper stickers on the back of our silver car: two LGBT-related, some political, and one proclaiming solidarity for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. In many places, these stickers would not raise an eyebrow. But we do not live in most places. We live in …


Irish Education: Where your choice is Catholic, Catholic or Catholic

So, 2014 will be the year that L. first climbs the school-bus steps. If she’s anything like her father this process will involve extricating her from beneath the kitchen table and sprinting down the driveway with her and her backpack across my shoulder before tossing her through the bus’ doors …


Introductions from Ireland

Greetings from old Hibernia, a land where the saints are worse than the sinners and most of the sinners are too busy keeping up with their neighbors to have noticed. I just wanted to say hello and tell you a little about myself so that you would know what to …


Tiny Missionaries

I lost my religion in phases. First I gave up on Catholicism, then Christianity, and finally spirituality. I was somewhere between Atheism and questioning spirituality when Pickle was born. Hubby has been Agnostic as long as I have known him, so it was obvious to us that Pickle wouldn’t be …

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Woman Kills 2 Children During Exorcism

Trigger Warning for Child Death According to media reports, two women were taken into custody in Maryland on Friday, charged with the stabbing deaths of two children, ages 1 and 2. Two siblings, ages 5 and 8, were also injured and taken to the hospital. The reason? The two women …

Xmas Darwinfish
Ages 2-5BabiesReligion

Keeping Christ in Christmas. . . no, really

Today I received a Facebook share instructing me to “Keep the CHRIST in Christmas.”  I instinctively deleted it, as I do all slacktivist share requests (keep your recipes on Pinterest people, your political slogans on bumper stickers, and for god’s sake, keep your religious rhetoric on your own damn wall).   …

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This is Our Happiness

As the August sun settled for a moment above the rooftops visible from our corner hospital room, I glanced down and the fresh pinkness of my newborn daughter, who was cradled against my chest. She was only a day old, but her shock of blond hair and cat-like cry had …

Universe expansion
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“That’s what we believe, right Daddy?”

“That’s what we believe, right Daddy?” Ummm… What? “That’s what we believe, right Daddy? What they just said on the radio, that God created the universe?” Ahhh… I hadn’t really been listening, but NPR had just played an ad for a then-new Discovery Channel show called Curiosity, and the premiere episode …