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Grounded Pregnancy: It’s Okay to Not Be Beautiful

Content note: TMI, bodily functions, societal standards of beauty, fat shaming, bodily autonomy I was taking a break from throwing up and arguing with people on the internet when I saw it – an image of a woman standing by her hospital bed eating a meal, wearing only a pair of post partum …


Secrets of a Badass Single Mother Runner

Please excuse any typos, as I am currently high…high from running, that is. Endorphins are coursing through my body. The feeling is so good that I hardly realize how sore I am from running a half marathon. That will come tomorrow. Right now, I am so full of joy and happy brain chemicals …

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Giveaway: Redefining Girly

Close readers of my posts here on Grounded Parents know that I am a big fan of the work Melissa Atkins Wardy of Pigtail Pals Ballcap Buddies is doing. Several years ago I was struggling to find a voice for something that had been bothering me immensely as a parent …


Weekend Reads: Corporal Punishment, Bodies of Mothers, Values in Parenting, etc

Well howdy!  How’s everybody doing today?  The days are getting shorter where I am, and my two year old is very concerned about it.  So far this week he has asked “is outside broken?” and “mama, turn light on outside”.  I like his faith in my powers. While I can’t …

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Again, a Mother. But Not a Woman.

(Trigger Warning: mention of self-injury and disordered eating) The femininity of pregnancy is almost undeniable. The acquisition of soft curves, the roundness of growth replacing hardness and angles. Breasts grow fuller, hair and nails thicker and longer. We, the child-bearers are expected to embrace this femininity in preparation for motherhood. …

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Ask a Sex Educator: What to do about young children’s self-touching?

Welcome to our new feature, Ask a Sex Educator! While I will continue to write standalone articles from time to time, I wanted to create a forum where people could ask parenting and sexuality-related questions, and I’ll answer as many of them as I’m able. Besides my own training and …


Tales of the Fat and Tired

I am fat again. I mean, technically, I’m just still fat. Not all of a sudden fat again. But there is my just-a-smidge-fat weight and my ugh-this-is really-fat weight. Both are technically fat but only one causes me to cue the spiral of shame and self-hatred. I’m fat but mostly …

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Hey There Dollface!

Maybe you’ve heard about this year’s Sports Illustrated cover girl? Even if you haven’t, you’ve heard of her. Or should that be it? Because the model on the cover of SI’s 50th Anniversary over-wrap isn’t a woman. It isn’t even a person. It’s a doll – Barbie, to be precise. Now there are a …

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Loss and Gain

As I gazed down at the two lines, one bright, one still pale enough to cause doubt, I knew my days of self-inflicted starvation were over. I had spent the previous two years running, starving, crying, carving the fat and calories from my flesh until all I had left was …

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How to Go from Unfortunate to Beautiful in One Easy Step

I have five amazing little nieces (the oldest is 9 years old) who live far enough away that I’m able to see them only three or four times a year. When I visit, I know that within hours (if that long) of my arrival, I will be asked, “Tammy, can …