When Body Snark Starts Young

Pop quiz!  How would you respond to the following situations: Your twin girls who were born weighing 3 lbs each, have now grown into active 2 year olds.  At the two year visit, the doctor informs you they are now “obese”, but gives you no guidance as to what you’re …

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Congrats on your Light-Skinned Kids?

As a first-generation Indian-American daughter of immigrants, I’ve grown up surrounded by a fixation with skin color.  Most Indian women would never dream of the privilege (tic) of marrying a man lighter than herself.  So when I first married my predominantly European-American husband, one of my relatives lovingly said (translated …

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Four Foolproof steps to a Post Baby Bikini Body

It’s that time of year.  Articles are everywhere on how to lose weight in the new year.  Add to that the issue of baby weight, and it’s almost impossible to escape the pressure to lose weight instantly and appear healthy and perfect after pregnancy It’s not enough to have built …

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Mommy, I Don’t Want to Look Fat

That moment when your four year old daughter says something that: You are completely unprepared to respond to; Packs an emotional punch to your stomach because of years of baggage; You want to prepare a carefully crafted response, because you know that what you say matters to her like nothing …


Fat and Loving It

I love my body. Sometimes I just stand in front of the mirror and do muscle poses and laugh at myself. I like my curly hair, my golden-brown eyes, that little bit of definition I get when I flex my biceps. I’m proud that I can lift a 40-pound bag …