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Zika Virus: 5 Things We Know

Welcome to “This Week in Parenting Research”, a bimonthly column where I take a look at current research that may be of interest to parents. With Zika hitting the news again this week, I wanted to do a round up of the most current information about the transmission and risks, and …

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Risky Behaviors Among Sleep-Deprived Teens

Welcome to “this week in parenting research”, a biweekly (mostly) column where I take a look at new research that may be of interest to parents or anyone who works with kids. This week, I’m focusing on an interesting report from the CDC. For those of you who have never …


Bodily Autonomy, Hypocrisy and the Penis Wars

I am a hypocrite. Pray tell? I am a huge advocate for bodily autonomy in almost all situations. I believe in a woman’s right to choose abortion at any time during her pregnancy for any reason. I am entirely against routine infant circumcision and even infant ear piercing. I don’t make my children …