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The Radical Notion that Children are People

I have no beef with people who choose to be childfree. I mean, there are enough people in the world that having people willingly abstain from breeding is probably a better choice than creating more consumers for diminishing resources. I get it. I really do. When I was thinking about …



Awwww, Religious Right. You knew it was coming. How can you quote your silly book to death — damn the gays! damn the whores! damn the people who don’t get down with Jesus! — and then, when you’re faced with an actual crisis of Biblical proportion, ignore it? The one …

Cover of the book "It's Perfectly Normal" by Robie H. Harris
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Tidbit Tuesdays: Sex-Ed Books for the Kids

(Featured image from Candlewick Press) When I was a librarian, one of the most difficult questions for patrons to ask me was for books that taught sex-ed to kids. Not that it was difficult for me (although one of the staff noticed the search history on the computer and came to …


Bad News for Critical Thinkers

The headline in my newsfeed blared: Bad news for dads: Babies ‘should share mother’s bed until age three’ because  it’s good for their hearts Now, it turns out, in true click-bait headline OMG MUST SHARE THIS fashion, this piece is from 2011, so it’s totally possible that the underlying research …

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Babyproofing. . .Sort Of

My twins are officially crawling, and one is pulling to stand using whatever’s handy (furniture, our legs, the cat).  Having roving children made me research baby-proofing, which in turn made me realize that we have definitely failed as parents. Though the decorative scrolling on what I now realize is the …

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Polygamy: What Makes Him a Criminal?

I’m turning on my idea of a gossipy voice for this one. Me: “So, okay.  Have you heard of this guy I know?  He can be such a jerk.  Did you know that one of his earliest memories of his wife is utter disgust at how she ate chili cheese …

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Parenting Fail #4,275: Greek Yogurt Cures Gayness!

Keep it simple folks. Don’t try to be clever. It never ends well for us parental types. Ok, maybe it just never ends well for me. I’m driving my son to school when I start to wonder, out loud, whether the kids at school these days have any opinions about …

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I Get it Now. . .Becoming the Parent I Once Judged

I never considered myself judgmental, but becoming a parent has made me realize that I was the queen of judgment. I sugar coated it like a baker on meth by telling myself I was qualified to judge the weird things parents did. I taught middle school and came from a …


Against Punishment

(Photo by Mark Burgh) Well before she was born, I made the decision never to hit my kid. Worse, when she was two or three, I gave up on all forms of punishment. “If you don’t spank her,” other, well-meaning parents would tell me, “how will she learn?” I’m a …