Weekend Reads: It’s Hard on Them Too, Millennial Moms, and Security Moms?

Happy Weekend Readers! It’s April 2nd, which just so happens to be International Children’s Book Day. Sponsored by the International Board on Books for Young People,  the day is celecrated on or around the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson and is devoted to bringing books and young people together around the world. Speaking …

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Book Review: Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life

Explaining evolution to young children is tough. Maybe that’s why creationists seem to have cornered the market on books for preschoolers tackling how we got here. But, J.R. Becker’s new book Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life takes on the difficult task of making Darwinian evolution interesting, understandable and engaging for young learners. Published this …

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Books for independent, curious little girls

Our family reads a lot. Every night for the past five and a half years, Rose has had at least one, (sometimes five!) bedtime stories. There have been stories about bears, fairies, adventurers, dreams, zebras and pirates. And lots and lots of little girls: little girls doing ballet; little girls …