A worried looking wolf dressed as Santa in front of a Christmas tree.
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A Wolf In Santa’s Clothing

Some people seem to be able to just create family traditions with a snap of the fingers. Unique weddings with special vows and that kind of thing. For me, traditions are arbitrary accidents of your birth… so it seems I shouldn’t value one over the other. But I do. Whenever …

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They Put a Baby in a Manager?!

Being an Atheist can be difficult anywhere. But being an Atheist in a predominantly Christian area can be isolating and discouraging. My husband and I, from all outward appearances, seem to be typical middle class Midwesterners (read – well off, white Christians) with two beautiful, mostly well-behaved children. Two and a half …

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R.I.P Santa

My husband is second-generation Dutch-American, so he grew up celebrating Sinterklaas Day (St. Nicholas Day) along with Christmas every year. He takes his traditions very seriously, so we continue to celebrate the holiday, albeit with an American flair. I doubt our celebration very closely reflects the way it’s done in …

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In Defense of Santa Claus and Unicorn Poop

I should start off by disclosing that I have neither a horrible nor a colorful de-conversion story. I don’t feel like I have had to overcome decades of lies about the world. I am not saying that religion isn’t harmful, just that it didn’t really have a harmful impact on …

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Why there’s no Elf on my Shelf

In late November I started looking for an advent calendar for E. I hadn’t even thought of getting one until E. started asking every.single.day if we were going to decorate the Christmas tree yet. I have firm rules on Christmas decorating, you see.  No Christmas decorations, no Christmas music, no …

Xmas Darwinfish
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Keeping Christ in Christmas. . . no, really

Today I received a Facebook share instructing me to “Keep the CHRIST in Christmas.”  I instinctively deleted it, as I do all slacktivist share requests (keep your recipes on Pinterest people, your political slogans on bumper stickers, and for god’s sake, keep your religious rhetoric on your own damn wall).   …

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Look At That Tree!

Tonight Tom wouldn’t stop looking at our Christmas tree. Will came home from doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. (For some strange reason having a two-week old infant in the house has set us all back on our holiday chores.) He stomped upstairs with a grumble about needing some sleep. It …

Detail of a Christmas village scene
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‘Twas a Week Before Christmas

‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through the land the holiday smugness had gotten out of hand. According to some, a war had been waged. Ignoring reality, they erupted in rage about things like Eid stamps or public displays for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or other holidays. “Keep Christ in …